About Founder

Ruth Burger

Ruth Burger is a first generation, South Korean immigrant and adoptee.  She is currently a single mom to three children, living the single life in Colorado Springs, CO.  

Her journey and love of all things skincare and makeup began as a teenager.  Growing up, she loved experimenting with skincare products and makeup colors, but often struggled with makeup application and techniques.  At that time, she  had no source of information to teach basic her eyeshadow application to a Korean monolid.

She became a Mary Kay Skincare Consultant at age nineteen and quickly learned the value of teaching primarily skincare  classes.  She learned over the years of hobbying as a consultant that she loved teaching skincare classes but didn't necessarily enjoy the salesmanship and selling of just one brand name.

"While there are definitely benefits that can be obtained through higher-end skincare products," she says, "It's a myth to believe that beautiful skin is only achieved through expensive products, plastic surgery, and more makeup."

Her current mantra in life is to "thrive, not survive." She uses blogging and beauty vlogging as her mediums to express herself and shares her personal story in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.