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What is Makeupless Monday?

Do you ever say to yourself "I can't go out in public unless I put on my face [makeup] because I don't want others to see..." and rattle off a list of skin concerns such as  acne, dark spots, fine lines, etc., etc?    Maybe you believe the only way you can feel sexy, confident, attractive, or empowered is if you can expertly hide your imperfections behind makeup?  

I'm challenging you to consider that we've become too reliant on makeup to "cover up" and disguise our problems.  We  have become more obsessed with perfecting our flawless makeup illusions of ourselves than addressing our real skincare issues through our product choices and daily skincare habits.  

We live our personal lives much the same way, putting on masks to disguise what we dislike about ourselves and hiding in fear that others will see us too.

Makeupless Monday addresses these masks, both inner and outer, and teaches us to embrace our imperfections.  We practice vulnerability by addressing our issues and putting in the work necessary to bring about our desired changes through self-awareness and our skincare routine.

"Makeupless Monday Moments" appear each Monday on my YouTube channel.  Here I'll discuss topics such as vulnerable living, the importance of loving yourself, and share personal stories along the way.

Information about my personalized skincare coaching program can be found in the link below.

In the meantime, go forth, be bold, be makeupless, be vulnerable, and I'll see you around!

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